Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Exhibition



"Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition," declared Max Ernst. Following this credo, contemporary Brazilian master Felipe Innocente's intricate acrylic compositions ignite that spark combining mesmerizing depth and a unique, contemplative quality. An undulating artistic vision contributes to the visual intersection of abstract and geometric forms as Mr. Innocente, or INNO’s, adroit artistic hand provides a compelling perspective of a dream world replete with fluid, lyrical forms.  Balancing a strong primary color wheel to heighten the visually intense quality of his compositions, his fascinating explorations allow us to shift the parameters of how we interpret the world.

Employing simple, clean lines and limited blocks of color, this gifted artist utilizes the rectilinear and organic shapes in hues, ranging from strong reds and citrine yellows to deep shades of indigo, each form and shape supersedes the previous one. By transforming the geometric simplicity of shapes into complex spaces with bold, colored forms, design comes together to create an active image where line, color and form coalesce and float freely in space. The completed image is one that plays with color contrasts, light and dark, and with minimally recognizable subject matter. Letting the work speak for itself, each painting is open to the interpretation and the impression of the viewer.

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City, located on the Ground Floor, is proud to showcase in its exhilarating AUGUST 28-SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 exhibition, leading Contemporary Master Artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form. This specially curated exhibition and “Chelsea Roaring 1920’s ~ Great Gatsby” Gala Champagne Reception on Saturday, September 8th from 3:00-5:00 pm, at our beautiful Ground Floor Gallery, inaugurates the Fall Opening of the Chelsea Fall Art Season and offers an exuberant visual synthesis of abstract, figurative, photographic, landscape and floral compositions which assiduously captures the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its scintillating regeneration of the visual realm. 

Pulsating with dynamic synergy and dazzling artistic creativity, these artists' sophisticated, eclectic and joyful representations of the world shine the spotlight on a universal artistic language. Compelling, lively and emotive, the artworks resonate through the medium of our shared humanity by celebrating the human spirit and connecting with fundamental aspects of identity.


Exhibition Gala Champagne Reception & "ROARING 1920's" Fete
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 3:00-5:00 pm 

Teeming with energy, INNO’s hand moves along parallel paths as emergent colors cascade gently towards the edges of the composition plane.  Overflowing with opaque rivers of paint in a rippling rainbow of hues, the artist’s incredible sensitivity to chromatic relationships and compositional balance is apparent. Harmonious and complex, these pieces exemplify truth in simplicity, allowing the viewer to take in every detail without distraction and absorb the aesthetic fully. They do not shroud themselves in mystery, rather, they stand forward for all to see and glean meaning. Excelling in technicality and precision, the complexity and thoughtfulness of each composition has earned INNO recognition both within South America and across the United States.

Visually arresting and sophisticated, Felipe Innocente’s masterful work intellectualizes a visual harmony where colorful, sharply controlled, angular shapes are playfully executed within a rhythmic spatial composition. Coming from a successful background in advertising and graphic design, INNO is a master of both art and communication. Celebrated in the Sao Paul art scene, INNO additionally exhibits internationally in Paris and throughout the United States.